Still crazy!

Made time to post a couple Christmas favorites - there's more on iTunes if you just can't get enough... Um, working on frog sounds for my installation; have more recording work transmogrifying Beethoven and other classics for Vital Sounds as soon as I finish the University chores; a few holiday gigs; flew to S.F. to meet Kitaro for a possible tour - that's unlikely but I made friends with him and played his giant taiko drums; expecting tracks from Catalin soon for our next collaboration; expecting tracks from MVS soon for our next collaboration; need to write a stunning composition for the gala concert for the Earth Day celebration on April 20-21 (lots of famous speakers); and I need to get this contemplative album out as well - John's already going nuts on the artwork. My hand still hurts constantly but I can play with few restraints thanks to the ministrations of Mary Hooper over the last year. And I want a new acoustic guitar for Christmas. Is that enough for now?