Oh yes - new solo stuff!

On the Chris album front, I've enough material for a MJCatalin collaboration (we may do a track or two more) - I've been slowly fine-tuning the mixes and I'm very pleased... On the solo piano front, after careful listening I've had to pass on the sessions from this summer. The clicking high 'D' key on the Steinway at Rigel was just unacceptable. Happily the piano tracks from last year have shown true character, and an initial experiment of combining them with some of the exceedingly popular live tracks from this summer, along with some favorite odds and ends, have turned out quite listenable and may turn into a release early next year as well. So two new albums almost done - but wait! I recalled that in summer 2003 (2,4,?) my good friend Michael Ver Steegt dropped by for an extended visit and we did some recordings. I later organized these into an album, titled it "Moonglow", sent him a copy and promptly forgot it existed, what with all the production work of the next few years. Well, I found my copy today and a lot of it is quite good, with a few outstanding tracks. I shall be posting a few of them regularly over the next few months. More soon; I am applying to some compositional programs at a few different universities and must get my apps done.