October update!

A lot of news this month: Michael Franti and Spearhead came through Madison Sept. 27 so I got a chance to hang with Michael Ver Steegt and the gang. Jammed with Dave Shul, MVS, and sundry during soundcheck. They have a single in the Top 40 "Say Hey (I Love You)" so they are working very hard. I'm tremendously pleased for them, even though it has pushed the recording project with Michael back a year... ...which might be fortuitous as an interesting soundtrack project has come up dealing with human/elephant interactions in Kenya. This might take a year! Stratagem was No. 13 on the Echoes playlist for September which means it has stayed in the Top 20 for three months running (No. 1 in August!) on what may arguably be the best ambient radio program in syndication. A ten-minute interview was broadcast on Echoes on September 29 which I will post here later this month. Along with the 130 or so stations that carry Echoes, Stratagem was added to playlists for Montana Public radio (MTPR), Boston College's WZBC, and Renee Blanche's famous Night Tides program broadcasting from Kansas City. Please request Stratagem from your favorite local radio station! A couple performances coming up this month - one at a banquet this week at University of Wisconsin's Great Hall for the Association for Environmental Studies and Science where I will be furthering my advocacy for acoustic ecology, as well as a show at the Crossroads later in the month. I will be revamping my live solo show over the next year, which leads to the last, but far from least, entry for this bulletin. I am now an official endorser of Monte Allums specialty electronics! I have converted my Boss CS-3 to something amazing using his simple-to-install and totally kick-ass mods. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, but can't deny the durability and functionality of your old pedals, you owe it to yourself to check out Monte's mods! Go to www.monteallums.com and see for yourself. Enough for now - I have to practice. See ya in San Francisco Oct. 14!