New EP is out!

Just in time for the movie release! Intrinsic is a homage to my musical roots - four pieces from four of my favorite classical composers. I'm especially pleased to present the lovely and talented Emily Blessing on acoustic piano accompanying my electric guitars in our rendition of Claude Debussy's "The Sunken Cathedral". January was subsumed by some major acoustic ecology research break-throughs, though I managed to wade through the usual production cataster-hassles with the EP and finish the tracking for Bill Shore's latest project - WAP.

I even took a few days off. Amazing.

Not sure how I'll go about marketing this one exactly, but it's a fine recording. The EP was mastered (once again!) by Jim Wilson and has a cover featuring collages by John Hundt (once again!) which folks are saying is the best one yet. And the others are pretty damn swell.

Anyway the EP is available at CD Baby, iTunes, and other places - let me know what you think!