May daze

lots of stuff happening right now... Stratagem's out - first official sale went to a female fan in France and first official airplay was noted on Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco. I'm very pleased with the work and it is going around to all the tastemakers and radio programs that matter - we'll see what the world thinks! Stratagem had only just arrived when I was wined and dined by Vital Sounds, who have commissioned me for a new album. They do sonic therapy and wanted some music with natural sounds they had licensed. The beta version I've worked up is quite fun, a 30 minute epic! Did a live show for the first time in Madison out in Cross Plains. My left hand is still not quite right, but it's well enough to play out again at least. I've been reviewing Bach and the Baroque, in conjunction with a music history class I'll be teaching this summer, so I've been immersed in the classical spectrum as well. There are some developments for fall already taking place, I'll have more in a bit... Anyway, each month this year I will stream a couple songs from Stratagem on the site as well as having the occasional download, so folks can check out the music for themselves. You can pick up the cd at Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes if it strikes your fancy. Have a good summer! cb