March update

Crazy couple of months...mastered in Nashville and raised some hell with Tony and Lissa - not really satisfied with the results so we went and mastered with Mark DB in Denver. Again, sounds good but we're not convinced we have the final final, so we'll probably master one more time...yes, we're that finicky and yes, it makes a big difference. The album design is done and is amazing. Have done a few more tracks with MJC; that's going a little slower than planned due to my teaching humanities and incidentally diving into a serious study of ancient Greek music (what we know of it). Amazed the Greeks invented the hydraulic organ 2200 years ago... We have the physical product for several Ascendant audiobooks now; however due to cost we'll have to assemble them ourselves - a hassle but it'll be worth it. Will try to get a new track up on the site this week... It's warming up a little (but it's snowing today)! CB