Fly July

A lot of news this month! The lead story is I will be entering a Ph.D. program at the Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin in the fall studying environmental music and acoustic ecology. Initially, I have been looking at some of the work of Barry Blesser who has advanced the idea of "aural architecture" into interdisciplinary studies. Blesser was one of the inventors of the Lexicon reverb (where would ambient music be without digital reverbs?) as well as a scholar at MIT. This endeavor should lead to a published book eventually, some cool performances, and me finally being able to read some of those interesting books I've been collecting. I've also secured a deal for myself and Catalin with a music production library out in Hollywood, so you may be hearing snippets of Stratagem and Airlock on the History Channel in a few months. I've been busy making two-minute edits of all our music. Finally I've been contacted by the program director of a major ambient radio show who loves Stratagem and wants to schedule an interview. More on this soon! Going into rotation this month from Stratagem will be "Coerenta Excentrica" and "Nocturne". For fun I will add a free download of the Tokyo Vogue classic "July" as it is indeed... July.