February 2009

OK - Stratagem is off to the factory to be pressed! It will belong to the ages now. When I finally get back into my studio (March 5 is what I'm hearing) I can begin a final structure on my next solo album, which will be a collection of some of my favorite pieces recorded in Colorado. It will be titled "To Shining Mountains Gone" and will feature some live stuff, some rarities, and some piano pieces, including "The 19th Century" which is a sister track to "EVA" from Airlock - recorded same time, roughly the same way. After this I will be switching to Apple's Logic and refining a live show to promote Stratagem. Most of my gear came through the disaster OK, surprisingly, and the Moog is fine. I'm considering a possible mini-tour to Austin and back in late May/early June as well. Hope everyone had a good Valentine's. We did! Went to see the Crue! Motley that is... I have a soft spot for Mick Mars as he has the same damn crippling spine disease that I have (AS). Mick did an awesome noise solo and then busted into "Little Wing" note for note. Watching him stagger off stage reminded me of myself on challenging mornings... More soon!