CD of the Month on Echoes!

Fantastic news this month! Stratagem has been selected by Echoes to be their CD of the Month in August. Echoes is a highly respected and widely distributed radio show, and a personal favorite of mine as well, so this is tremendously exciting and satisfying. I did an interesting interview with John Diliberto about the recording of the album as well as some of my musical history. One thing that came up was one of my first ambient releases with Temporary Temple, "Strandlooper". In the spirit of things, I have re-edited and re-mastered the original track and will keep it posted through August. I've been working on several music licensing deals with Stratagem and Airlock as well, so I have been quite busy! I'm hoping to finish the Vital Sounds project this week - it turned into two giant 30-minute epics (more on this later)! More soon!