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Chrys Bocast: Bio

Chrys Bocast AKA Dr Chrys

Chrys Bocast first came to the world's attention in the mid-80s as the guitarist for New Wave band Tokyo Vogue, which was very popular in the Bay Area. This was followed by a touring slot as bassist for Polygram recording artists The Mission U.K. in 1987, playing large venues in the U.S. and Canada. She continued to play and tour with various San Francisco rock bands, venturing as far as Guam and Ireland over the next few years. Gradually ambient and experimental music began to offer more opportunity to explore the tonal possibilities of the electric guitar; Chrys responded by performing and recording for a few years with ambient act Temporary Temple and later with noted solo artist Stephen Kent. Audio production became important as well while finishing a degree in cross-cultural humanities at San Francisco State. Chrys left San Francisco for Austin in 2001 for graduate school, but kept returning to Colorado to perform. 2003 brought the release of a solo album: Through the Airlock. This album continues to receive significant airplay and led to more production work. Chrys earned an MA in American Studies at UT Austin in 2005, and headed to the high country of Colorado to produce It's My Mother's Fault for vocalist Lissa Hanner. After happily living in the high country for a few years, Chrys moved in the summer of 2008 to Madison, Wisconsin, to finish a doctorate degree in sound studies. 2009 saw the release of Stratagem, a collaboration with Romanian percussionist Catalin Pintea AKA MJCatalin, which received a great deal of national airplay. Chrys earned a Ph.D. in Environment and Resources at the Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin in May, 2014, (her EP of classical music, Intrinsic, was included in her dissertation) and maintains an extremely busy recording schedule, including appearing on several recent albums by other artists.  A new album of original music by the Grand Transients, which includes Michael Ver Steegt and Matt Covert, is out as of January 2017, and Chrys is already collaborating on a new album, tentatively titled Omnia, with Matt Labarge in 2017. And she's always ready to take it all live!